F/A-18 Hornet - by Kevin Cox
available from the Electric Jet Factory

30 Jun 02 - New model added.

Photograph from the instructions
N of launches / Time 0 0 mins    
Wingspan 27.5 " 0.699 m    
Wing Area ~ 185 in 11.9 dm    
Flying Weight up to 2 lb. 8 oz 1.13 kg    
Wing Loading up to 31.0 oz/ft up to 95.0 g/dm    
Wing Cube Loading up to 27.5 - ouch (just as well it is a jet)  
Motor Kontronik BL480-33
Propeller WeMoTec 480 mini-fan
Batteries To be determined
Speed Controller To be determined
Receiver / Battery To be determined
Servos Tailerons - 2 x to be determined
Static motor parameters  Not yet tested
Flight performance Not yet flown

30 Jun 02 - I just realised that I hadn't included this kit, and it is next on the building list.

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