Twister by Multiplex

3 Jun 11 - Model needs new RX.

Multiplex Twister Multiplex Twister Multiplex Twister Multiplex Twister

No of launches / Time 2 0 hours 2 mins
Wingspan 33.5 " 0.85 m
Wing Area 403 inē 26.0 dmē
Flying Weight 2 lb. 6.4 oz 1090 g
Wing Loading 13.72 oz / ftē 41.9 g/dmē
Wing Cube Loading

8.2 - between 'Trainer' and 'Aerobatic' - very good for an EDF

Motor Himax A2825-3600 Brushless (supplied with kit)
Ducted Fan Unit 69mm unit (supplied with kit - looks very like a WeMoTec Mini fan)
Batteries 3S Tornado Pro, FlightPower or Thunder Power LiPo 3700mAh 20C
Speed Controller Ripmax Xtra BL 45HV - 2 to 6 LiPo - 45A - BEC & Brake
Receiver Spektrum AR6210 - 6ch DSMX - 2.4GHz - Internal and remote receiver
Servos Ailerons - 2 x Multiplex Nano S
Elevator - Multiplex Nano S
Static motor parameters  Not yet recorded
Flight performance Not yet flown sufficiently

18 Aug 12 - I finally got around to fitting a 2.4GHz receiver, which should hopefully resolve the interference problem.  To minimise any interference I mounted the remote RX in front of the canopy (as shown in photo 4).

3 Jun 11 - I have flown the model twice an on both occasions the motor cut-out between 30s and 1 minute.  Having tested it on the ground the current is well within the speed controller rating and it ran for 4.5 minutes with no problem.  It is therefore almost certainly interference so the RX is going to be swapped for a 2.4GHz type.

10 Jul 09 - The model was bought as ready to run, but a few changes needed to be made before use.  Mostly it involved swapping the receiver for one compatible with Graupner/JR radio gear, shortening the servo and speed controller leads (they almost reached to the nose).  The model had 28g of balance weights on top of the rear fuselage above the duct.  I scalloped out the battery bay about 6mm to move the battery backwards and remove most of the balance weights.

5 Jul 09 - I bought this on eBay on 4 Jul 09 and collected it today.

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