L-159 Alca by Robotbirds

31 May 09 - First flight completed.

L-159 Alca L-159 Alca

No of launches / Time 2 0 hours 11 mins
Wingspan 22.0 " 0.56 m
Wing Area 108 inē 7.0 dmē
Flying Weight 5.2 oz 147 g
Wing Loading 6.9 oz / ftē 21.2 g/dmē
Wing Cube Loading

8.0 - between 'Trainer' and 'Aerobatic' - very good for an EDF

Motor Feigao 1230 Brushless 5250 rpm/v
Ducted Fan Unit GWS 40 (6 blade rotor)
Batteries 2S Loong Max LiPo 500mAh 20C
Speed Controller JP E-Pro SP07A-BEC-AIR - 7A - 2S to 3S LiPo - BEC & Brake
Receiver Corona RP4S1 - 4ch - PPM - 35MHz - 6g - Synthesised
Servos Ailerons - Arced DS 541 digital
Elevator - Arced DS 541 digital
Static motor parameters  Not yet tested
Flight performance Not yet flown

31 May 09 - First flight completed on a 2S 500mAh Loong Max (20C) LiPo.  It flew OK but really needs power as near full throttle was required to keep it flying, but an 11 minute flight was achieved.  The 3S 500mAh packs I've got on the way should improve it massively.

30 May 09 - I bought this a while ago on eBay but only just got around to building it.  Having built it stock the CofG position was a long way forwards and I had to move the battery back to almost in front of the wing.  Unfortunately that meant moving the RX too which was far more annoying.

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