Radio Controlled Switch

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I was looked for a remote controlled switch to ignite smoke pellets in-flight. I went to the local model shop and he didn't know of any and had been looked for himself, to operate some lighting on his scale helicopter. I therefore decided to make my own switch unit. I trawled the internet and found a simple design on Tony van Roon's RC Electronics page. I took his design, modified it very slightly and produced the smallest practical veroboard layout I could, which is shown below.

RC Switch Schematic

RC Switch Veroboard Layout RC Switch Veroboard Layout

The IRF630 FET is rated at 9A load and a maximum power rating of 75W (both at a case temperature of 25C). The current rating drops to 6A and the power to 30W at 100C so it pays to keep the case cool when higher powers are required. If you intend to switch any current for a reasonable time, it advisable to fit a heatsink to the FET to keep it cool.


Item Quantity   Part Number  
as at 2 Jan 08 as at 6 Apr 07 as at 2 Jan 08

Farnell RS Maplin
IRF 630 1 9802380 486-0171 -
4013B 1 1014035 519-0029 QX07H
1N4002 1 1264225 261-154 QL74R
1k0 W 1 9339051 148-506 M1K
10k W 1 9339060 148-515 M10K
47k W 1 9339558 148-893 M47K
100k Preset 1 9354433 375-590 UH19V
22nF 1 1216433 537-3814 RA45Y
Veropins 4 (optional) 1183354 433-854 FL21X
Input Wires As required      
Output Wires As required      
Servo Lead 1 * * GZ92A
Veroboard As required 1201470 206-5841 JP47B
Solder As required 871436 567-856 N50AW

* Available from a local model shop

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