Arming Link for Electric Powered Models

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Three designs for a simple arming link that guarantees safety for electric powered models of all types (click images for larger versions)

The simplest design has a short lead, which the positive lead of the battery plugs in to, running to a socket on the outside of the model.  The positive lead from the speed controller (or other device) comes through the side of the model so it can be plugged in to the socket

To be certain the loose plug from the speed controller doesn't accidentally connect to the battery it can be fitted with a piece of silicon fuel tube when not in use.  Alternatively another hole can be made in the model to stow the loose plug

A neater solution is to fit 2 sockets; one like the battery lead above and a 2nd which goes to the speed controller.  This gives no chance of snagging the loose lead

The link can be stored somewhere safe, preferably on the model to ensure it's with you when you need it

This design works the same way as the #2 above but the 2 connectors are mounted inline, which gives the advantage of a single hole in the model

However, it is only really achievable where the connectors have a through hole and don't have a enlarged solder bucket at the cable end

The connectors I used for this had an M3 thread through the middle and only a small flange at the cable end to act as an insertion stop

The small flange was removed from one plug and the 2 plugs and a handle (to aid removal) were screwed together on a piece of brass studding

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